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  • Cast

  • The Director

    David Ley has brought his unrelenting talent and unique blend of entertainment to this region as the director of The Act Dubai. A pioneer at the original Box Nightclub in New York City, Ley brings edge andvariety to a continuously revolving array of performances every night.

  • the chef

    Chef Mahmoud is an award-winning chef with a passion for discovering new cuisines. He has extensive experience in the UAE with a background in Mediterranean cuisine and has worked and refined his skills in high end restaurants such as Margaux by Alain Ducasse, Segreto, The Residence & Spa which is part of the Leading Hotels of The World and is currently the Head Chef of both The Act and Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE.

  • The Dancers

    Each dancer has a story to be told; the electricity can be felt across the stage.
    Let them hypnotize, provoke, and seduce you with their raw passion for movement, rhythm and dance.

  • The Characters

    Twists and turns are at every corner. Who is that lurking at your table? Our actors take the audience on journey of whimsy, charm and amusement as they wreak havoc on the floors of The Act.

  • The Singers

    Our temptress of the evening will serenade you through a whirlwind of emotions, caressing your ears with songs of yesteryear and those of today, finally leaving you entranced by the spell of her voice.

  • The Host

    Your ringleader for the night… follow him into the rabbit hole, as he takes you on a journey of delectable delights, exquisite cuisine,
    and an evening of unforgettable performances

  • Reservations

    Sundays, Thursdays: Variety show dinner to Late night, from 8.30pm to 3am
    Door policy applies

    Tel. +971 4 355 1116

    For Restaurant and Club reservations